Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mom of Apocalypse is about to get Retro Gamer

It began innocently enough, with Mom of Apocalypse saying, "Is there a system that I could buy where I could play games that make sense to me, like Frogger and Tetris?"

My mission had begun.

Immediately I'm thinking NES, because regardless of these possibly being available for WiiWare's suck download service, that'd still cost my Mom about $200 extra, and I don't want to have any hand in the sale of a Wii. The DS/GBA combo might've worked, but since the screens are so small (she is MOM of Apocalypse) and the Super GBA Adapter is hard-to-find and overpriced, I felt like that just wouldn't do with the small-screen systems. Also, I don't have to worry about her losing her job by gaming her way to unemployment on the clock that way. So yeah, we needed something we could hook to a TV. So I'm still thinking NES - but it turns out Frogger was never made for NES surprisingly. Only SNES. Which also had Tetris. SNES it was.

So far I've got the SNES mini system along with the RCA hookups and a controller with working turbo options. Arkanoid is in the mail, because I've been rocking Arkanoid DS like nonstop for weeks and it's hella simple in terms of approach. I'm pretty sure she'll "get" it, and that it'll probably take her back to our Commodore 64 days. That's right. Straight gangster.

I'm working on getting Tetris/Dr. Mario (default-mom-gaming-crack), Frogger, Bust-A-Move, and Ms. Pac Man. Are there any other Mom-games you can think of? (Other than Mario Kart?) Mom of Apocalypse is awesome, and could use a little more fun in her day-to-day.

So, it's all about to come together. And it looked like it would end innocently enough until she asked, "Is there a Ghostbusters game for Super Nintendo?" No, Mom of Apocalypse, there's not. But there WAS a port of the C64 Ghostbusters over to the regular 8-bit NES. (The Genesis Ghostbusters was super awesome, but I'm thinking that's too involved of controls for her.) Alas, it looks as though it may be beginning all over again...

Note: I fully intend to post pics of Mom of Apocalypse rocking the old-school games the next time I am in her town.

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