Monday, August 3, 2009

Comic book character spotting! Ra's al Ghul


I inadvertently found indisputable proof that Batman exists - in the form of this statue of Ra’s Al Ghul in Tribeca.

The statue has been erroneously engraved as being a figure from Uruguayan history who supposedly died over 150 years ago. But technically Ra's could've been a figure in Uruguay's history. See, Ra’s has never let a little thing like mortality get in his way.

This is Ra's al Ghul. The Demon's Head.

And he's REAL.

And if Ra’s al Ghul is real, and I am both living and not enslaved, then I have to believe Batman is real. Because no other force on Earth could keep us safe from a man who's lived for centuries and wakes up every day continuing to choose this crazy of a hair/facial hair combo.

Please note this closeup of my amazed face.


Josh Reynolds said...

Know what's even worse? If Batman is is the Joker. And that's almost too disturbing to contemplate.

Kate Fatale said...

So...where do I sign up to join the League of Assassins?

This, by the way, is the greatest blog post I've ever seen in my entire life. ;)

Dave of Apocalypse said...

I welcome your accolades of greatness! :)